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Gazosa Monti Limone, Aranciata Amara, Mirtillo, Ginger, Pompelmo, Mandarino, Aranciata, Lampone

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Gazosa Monti production licence & distribution concept
Gazosa Monti AG grants licences worldwide for the local, sustainable production of the organic Gazosa Monti, thus enabling a local circular economy. The share of regional raw materials/packaging (bottles/cans) should be as high as possible. Recyclable packaging units are always to be favored inferior to reusable packaging. An ecologically up-to-date distribution concept is part of the brand identity.

Gazosa Monti AG was founded to revive the legacy of Gazosa pioneer Bartolomeo Monti (anno 1897) and to distribute Gazosa Monti worldwide with a contemporary manufacturing and distribution concept. Bartolomeo Monti produced an organic Gazosa as early as 1897. The production was stopped in 1939.

Roberto C. Feusi and his son Nikolai, the (great) great-grandchildren of Bartolomeo, have decided to relaunch Bartolomeo’s culinary heritage. A gazosa with organic certified raw materials, preserved by pasteurization. The raw materials used are available worldwide and a local production is foreseen. In this way, zero waste and short transport distances can be aimed for.

Support for licences
In order to make sure that the licences can fully concentrate on the production and trade of Gazosa Monti in their distribution area, Gazosa Monti AG takes care of the following tasks:

  • Preservation of the «Gazosa Monti» trademark
  • Access to raw material list and recipes by Gazosa Monti
  • Sharing of know-how and coordination in the areas of production, social media and marketing
  • Maintenance of the international website and the national website
  • Maintenance of the heritage website
  • Forwarding of trade inquiries to the appropriate regional/national distributor
  • Maintenance of brand origin – promotion of the culinary heritage of Gazosa pioneer Bartolomeo Monti in an organic and resource-friendly manner.

Licence inquiries
Please send inquiries to